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We trust that you'll find just about all of your favorite titles available here as portable, high-quality e-books and videos that can be read or viewed on just about every e-reader, smartphone, tablet, and computer.

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So, browse around. You'll find many of the best books on magic ever published and they're now all available as high-quality e-books that are readable on just about any portable device or computer in the world. (All books are in PDF format and are fully searchable.).

Attention iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod) users - If purchasing an e-book, we recommend you install the free app iZip before you download your purchase to unzip the archived PDF file. This app will unzip the file and direct the file to the reader app of your choice. If purchasing a video, it is necessary to download the file to a computer (PC or Mac) first and then sync the video to your device via iTunes.

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All major credit cards are accepted for electronic purchases through PayPal ( (Please note that it is not necessary to establish a PayPal account to purchase L&L ePublishing's electronic content.).

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Please note that this is the official L&L Publishing electronic book site. If you visit another site that lists electronic copies of these titles or have obtained copies from another source, please be aware that these are not authorized, legitimate e-books. Electronic versions of books produced by L&L Publishing are only available on this site.

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Edward Marlo - The Secret Sessions (Vols. 1 - 5)
Edward Marlo - The Secret Sessions (Vols. 1 - 5)
Sale: $45.48
Save: 65% off