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THE VERNON CHRONICLES Volume 1 by Stephen Minch
- now just $9.95. Save 50%! 

Our latest e-book Spotlight Special is the first volume of a remarkable series of books that contains the previously unpublished secrets of one of magic’s most important figures.

Beginning in the 1960s, Bruce Cervon spent every moment he could with Dai Vernon after Vernon became the resident magician at the Magic Castle. He would then go home and carefully record everything he had learned, eventually filling up fourteen large binders with material. In 1987, the contents of these notebooks were revealed to the magic community for the very first time in the first volume of a series of books from L&L Publishing that became known as The Vernon Chronicles.

Subtitled The Lost Inner Secrets, the first volume of The Vernon Chronicles contains more than fifty items – arcane sleights and previously-held-underground effects with cards and coins – all fully explained in exacting detail by Stephen Minch and lovingly illustrated by Tom Gagnon. The material is all vintage Vernon – it’s the magic that made him a legend among other magicians. Also included are rich insights into the thinking and psychology of “The Vernon Touch” along with historical anecdotes that are both entertaining and informative.

The Vernon Chronicles – The Lost Inner Secrets Volume One is regularly $19.95 but for a limited time, you can add this classic to your digital library right now for just $9.95.

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All three volumes - now just $19.95! Save 60%!

Speaking of Dai Vernon, our current video Spotlight Special features a magician that Vernon considered to be the finest coin worker he had ever seen.

David Roth’s contributions to the art of coin manipulation cannot be overstated. Widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest living coin magicians, his exquisite technique and singular creations continue to influence close-up workers.

In his Expert Coin Magic Made Easy three-volume video series, you’ll receive personalized and detailed instruction from David, who will teach you everything you need to know to start on the wonderful road to coin magic mastery. In Volume 1, you’ll learn important techniques such as the Classic Palm, the Thumb Palm, the Shuttle Pass, coin switches, the French Drop, the Kaps and Ramsey Subtleties, Winged Silver, Copper & Silver, and so much more. In Volume 2, you’ll learn the Retention Pass, the Curl Palm, Multiple Coin Productions, the Click Pass, Hanging Coins, Spellbound, Wild Coin, and more. In Volume 3, there’s the Cardini Steal, Tenkai Pennies, David’s famous One-Coin Routine, Advanced Coins Through the Table, and more. These three volumes will take you from basic to intermediate to advanced coin magic…and beyond!

David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic Made Easy video series is usually $50.00 but now, for a limited time, you can add all three volumes to your digital video library for just $19.95.

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The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1
The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 1
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