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The Wild Card Kit

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Written by Jon Racherbaumer.

The Wild Card Kit is experimental and practical. Instead of explaining dozens of handlings and presentations, it supplies a preparatory course in what constitutes the Wild Card effect, what is fundamentally essential and important, and gives you the ways and means to create your own routines.

82 pages, 51 black and white photographs.


Watch The Ace!
The Presentational Dilemma

Part One - Tools
Revised Packet Version
Jogged Glide
Deep Glide
Jumpless Hamman Count
Veeser Count

Part Two - Middle Gaming
Marlo¹s Meta-Phase
Scoop Switch
Three-Card Transformations
Sly Version
Alternate Handling
More Alternatives
Paint Brush Change
Finessed Change

Part Three - Main Events
Fazes Of Flip
Taming The Wild Card!
Thanks To Corvello!
Suddenly Wild!
Paul Diamond's "All Of A Sudden"
Glide Replacement
Wild Walker
Unexpected Wild Card
Hand-Out Wild Card

Selected Bibliography