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Spotlight Special E-Book Bundle #2

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This e-book bundle features two books that anyone interested in magic history should have in their library.

The first is Gary Brown’s wonderful biography of one of the most colorful figures in the history of magic, Al Flosso. The Coney Island Fakir is a remarkable book about a remarkable life. The book traces Flosso's fascinating career, from his days as a street-corner shill, carnival pitchman and sideshow magician to his work on Broadway, film and television. Lavishly illustrated with dozens of photos, The Coney Island Fakir provides a vivid portrait of this unique performer. As an added bonus, this volume contains a reprint of Our Magic. Produced by Flosso in the 1940s, Our Mysteries features 23 classic tricks by Flosso, Al Baker, Ted Annemann and other top performers.

The second book in our Spotlight bundle is John Booth’s Extending Magic Beyond Credibility. In his thirteenth (and possibly best) book, Booth looks back on his more than 70 years of experience with the conjuring arts and considers some of its most enduring mysteries, intriguing questions and fascinating personalities. From legendary effects such as Robert-Houdin's Light & Heavy Chest and the Indian Rope Trick to the origins of dove magic, ventriloquism and automata, Extending Magic Beyond Credibility has the famous Booth blend of secrets, biography, philosophy and romantic history.

Whether you're a student of magic history or simply one fascinated with the art and its many facets, you’ll find the two volumes contained in this Spotlight Bundle to be an essential addition to your electronic library that you’ll return to again and again.