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An Evening with Simon Lovell & Mike Austin


A spectacular double bill with two complete lectures recorded live! A full two-hours long and recorded live before an audience, you'll see wild card magic that will enable you to make money from your magic, topped off with the zany "naughty but nice" humor of Simon Lovell. Also featured is the impeccable coin magic of Mike Austin, widely considered a magician's magician.

Part 1 - Simon Lovell's Zany Commercial Card Magic

Serious magic at a laugh a minute. You will see: The Approach and Opening - Packed Wallet - Outfold - Ambitious Everywhere - Departed Point - Heartless - Who Killed Lilley?

Part 2 - Mike Austin - Close-Up on Coins

Subtle coin dexterity! You will see: With a Single Coin - Another 'Coins Through Table' - Coin Express - Reverse Matrix - Four Coin Co, featuring the World's Smallest Topit

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