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Miracles With Cards - James Swain - Vol. 3

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James Swain has long been considered one of magic’s best-kept secrets. With over a hundred published routines and two outstanding books of card magic, his reputation as one of magic’s most innovative sleight-of-hand artists has been firmly established.

Up until now, Swain has kept a low profile, preferring to share his diabolical tricks and innovative techniques with a cherished few. With the release of the Miracles With Cards video series, the magic world can now discover why Swain’s magic is considered some of the very best to grace our art.

These videos were shot before a live studio audience and contain, in total, three and a half hours of the very best sleight-of-hand with cards ever recorded. Along with detailed discussions of each routine, Swain breaks down some of magic’s most difficult sleights, including three separate sessions devoted to learning the Classic Pass and its variants.

The Miracles With Cards video series will entertain, fool, and teach you the very best in card magic.

Volume 3 contents:

Capitulating Cards
Persi’s Collectors
Boxed B’Wave
The Jiggle Pass
The Cover Pass
The Pass Palm
World’s Greatest Card Trick (a.k.a. The Homing Card)
The Well-Traveled Card
Cavorting Aces

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