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William Zavis Volume 3 - Video Magic Lecture (Part 3)

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William Zavis is known among magicians for his wonderful book Divers Deceits and for his numerous contributions to various magic periodicals.

Three in Hand is an opening effect taken right out of the act that William Zavis used to perform professionally. You start by producing three balls and finish by vanishing them all. A great opening routine for any act.

All Change is a jumbo card routine where five red-backed cards change to five black blue-backed cards. The handling of these jumbo cards has been simplified and you can do the effect showing the cards the way one would normally show jumbo cards.

This Way is a close-up card effect that can be done with a borrowed deck of cards. Nine cards are used, one is freely selected, the cards are shuffled and them mixed face up and face down. The selected card is eventually shown to be the only reversed cad. This works almost on its own. Some practice is required as with all good magic but with this, you can concentrate on the presentation.

All of the effects in the Zavis series are complete routines with patter. Every detail is full explained! Nothing is left to your imagination!

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