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Ken Krenzel - The Pass

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Dr. Ken Krenzel, one of the world’s foremost proponents and practitioners of the Pass and all of its variants, provides a complete and in-depth study. Along with co-host Gary Ouellet, you’ll watch and learn as Ken covers a number of important topics related to the Pass, including work on the Classic Pass, common mistakes, the Pass as a color change, the Jiggle Pass, the Top Card Cover Pass, how to practice the pass, and so much more.

All in all, more than a dozen different types of the Pass are show and explained. And, with host Gary Ouellet asking the sort of questions you might have in mind, you’ll find all of the details and specific points about the Pass clearly covered and explained.

As Harvey Rosenthal said: “The name Ken Krenzel to most cardmen is synonymous with technical excellence especially in the performance of the classic two-handed Pass. There is probably no cardman around today who can approach the speed and deceptiveness at with which Ken does this most difficult sleight. Many of the top cardmen in the US who do the Pass well received instruction on its proper execution from Ken.”

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