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Reinhard Müller - The Okito System

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In this video, master European magician Reinhard Müller offers a virtual encyclopedia of magic with the Okito Coin Box. Divided into five parts,  you’ll learn all of the essential strategies and sleights along with a brief history of the prop in the first four and then, finally, some routines with the Okito Box are presented in the final segment.


Part 1 – Turning the Box

Part 2 – Stealing a Coin from an Upside Down Box and Stealing a Coin from an Upright Box

Part 3 – Loading the Box in an Upside Down Box and Loading the Box in an Upright Box

Part 4 – Reversing an Upside Down Box

Part 5 – Practical Applications (Sandwich Routine, Copper-Silver, Deck Penetration, Box and Glass Penetration, Penetration into the Glass (Tamariz), Transposition (Box to Hand), Transformation

We believe you’ll find this to be the most comprehensive video treatise on the Okito Coin Box ever offered.

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