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Pavel - Cabaret Silks

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Pavel’s magic is characterized by three words: easy, commercial and deceptive. On this video, you’ll see and learn this master magic inventor’s creations with silks.

Almost any of these items can be introduced into your stage or platform show easily. They are pretty – but they’re also foolers!

Contents include:

Instant Silk – The magician exhibits a glass containing a blue silk and a yellow silk. One of the silks instantly vanishes. The magician drops a magic seed into the glass and just as suddenly, the silk reappears.

Metamorphosis – A ball vanishes and reappears. It’s dropped into a clear plastic tube. When the ball is dumped out, it changes in mid-air into a silk.

Flying Silk – A silk files from hand to hand repeatedly. Very pretty to watch – almost intriguing, in fact.

Silks from Silk – This is the method used by magicians throughout the world. The performer shakes a silk whereupon another silk appears tied to it. The silk is untied, the remaining silk is shaken, and another silk appears. This is continued until a good number of silks have been produced.

New Silk Knotting – A sheet of newspaper is formed into a cone and the bottom of the cone torn off. Silks are placed into the cone yet, as they emerge from the bottom, they are knotted together. The method will please you.

20th Century Silks – A classic effect with a Pavellian methodology. Clean handling and easy to do.

Balloon Box Blendo – This is surely one of the most original effects with silks you will ever see. The magician shows a flat, empty – four-sided tube. It is opened and placed onto the table. The magician then shows four clear inflated balloons, each containing a silk of a different color. Each balloon is placed into the makeshift box and then burst. When the empty tube is lifted, the four silks have blended into one multi-colored silk.

Quad Silks – the world’s easiest Blendo effect.

Silk in Balloon – An empty inflated balloon is on the table. A spectator chooses on of a number of colored silks – a free choice. The silk vanishes and the balloon is tossed into the air and burst with a pin. The vanished silk appears in a flash.

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