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Gary Ouellet - Deadly Close-Up Weapons

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If you like close-up magic, fasten your seat belts! The action is fast paced as Gary Ouellet teaches all new material in this video extravaganza.

Here’s what you’ll see and learn:

The Spread Pass – Gary calls it “the best Pass no one ever uses.” See why, and learn Gary’s NEW open-finger method.

Showcase – A full ten-minute commercial card act that Gary developed for paying customers.

The Paradise Counts – A new approach to the Elmsley Count, the Jordan Count and the Ascanio Count. No block squeeze offs!

The Cabaret Force – A new card force that is truly original and deceptive.

The Paradox Control – A hit in Gary’s lectures, you have to see the explanation to believe what really happens when you control a selected card to the top of the deck invisibly.

The Angle Pivot Double Lift – A natural, mechanically perfect stud double!

The Crook – A new mechanical approach to the care and treatment of double cards, permitting an elusive double lift, handover, snap change, color change, center double and center switch.

Migration – The late Ron Scarf gave this Collector handling to Gary shortly before he passed away.

The All Purpose Vanish – If you can hold the object in your hand, you can vanish it! All the hints, subtleties and real work that you can never find anywhere else.

The Amazing Vanish – A coin is tossed up into a waiting hand and instantly is squeezed away to nothingness.

The There and Back Again Change – You read about it in Apocalypse. Now you can see it performed!

The Perfect Switch – Pick up a coin, toss it forward a few inches, and it changes.

The Infidel Change – The move to end all moves wherein a silver coin changes to a Chinese coin, literally in mid-air (without gimmicks, of course!).

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