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Warren Stephens - Warren's Wonders (Vol. 1)

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The material on this video will delight anyone looking for easy-to-do magic that has real impact! There are really no difficult moves or sleights. All of the material is suitable for one-on-one presentation or before a small group. This is great stuff for close-up or house party magic.

The first section is dedicated to Warren’s clever rope magic. It includes a fine routine where you start with a single length of rope. This is snapped with one hand and a knot forms. Next a tangle of knots are tied in the rope and it appears to be a hopeless tangle. These are removed and tossed aside. Next, a simple knot magically dissolves.

The final rope effect called “Loop de Loo” is the cleanest and fastest cut and restored rope you’re likely to see. There’s no funny “get ready” moves or secret steals. The rope is picked up from the table, tossed in the air, caught, cut in half, the ends tied and trimmed, and tossed to the audience fully restored. You can’t ask for anything more magical or simpler.

The card magic includes a psychological card force that will surprise many by its simplicity and sure-fire effect. Three color cards and three large paper clips are combined to present a puzzling color matching effect.

Warren’s Toss Change is a simple move that can be applied to coins or balls. It is very deceptive to watch and it may turn out to be your favorite move.

The video concludes with two matchbook effects. One enables you to show the matchbook without matches and yet, a moment later, matches instantly appear. In the second effect, the performer says that if the audience concentrates, enough energy can be produced to cause a couple of matches to light. The onlookers are asked to concentrate and a few moments later, the two matches fail to ignite but the entire book of matches bursts into flames!

Each item is presented in front of a live audience followed by a complete and thorough explanation.

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