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Warren Stephens - Warren's Wonders (Vol. 2)


The second volume of Warren Stephens’ magic is just as appealing as Volume 1. There are more wonders with rope and several card concepts that will appeal to those who like to make their magic entertaining.

The video begins with Ribbon and Ring magic. A simple bangle or bracelet is threaded on a narrow ribbon. The ends of the looped ribbon are held as the bangle is allowed to swing back and forth. Finally, the performer just grabs the ring and pulls it clear from the loop. It’s very magical and so simple.

A typical crazy Stephens routine is presented with a length of rope and an empty tumbler. Explaining that by shuffling back and forth on the floor, one can create static electricity. Warren demonstrates this by lowering the rope into the tumbler which is immediately attracted like a magnet and clings to the rope. This is repeated for more laughs. Finally, the rope comes free when Warren stops shuffling. No hooks, magnets, scotch tape or usual gimmickry. It’s an adaptation of an earlier Stephens method and is most effective.

Knot wizards will like his slip knot that tightens and then releases. Actually, it’s a gimmicked slip knot that you will find useful for many purposes. Rope and ring specialists will add another to their hundreds of ring off rope methods with Warren’s sliding ring that goes back and forth on a loop of rope until it finally frees itself.

The card magic on this video offers the viewer a good table presentation of a marked card in a purse. Everything is fair and above board. The moves are bold, natural and achieve a result that truly amazes the onlooker.

Warren’s Mother-in-Law card trick will prove to be a popular one for many. It’s a comedy card location that uses a paper bag, a finger ring and chattering teeth. Several other magicians have used similar ideas but Warren’s routine, gag lines, and general presentation are a very amusing combination.

The concluding effect, “Snob Cards,” is a series of card effects, including the popular Oil & Water routine. Clothed in a patter theme – the snobbery of cards and people – the cards prove the point by isolating themselves from other cards.

Careful explanations, as on Volume 1, make this material easy to follow. This is the sort of video that has you making a note of all the items you want to try at the first opportunity.

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