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Father Cyprian - Live!


In this video, you'll see Father Cyprian perform some of the effects that appear on his Door to Door Card Sharp In Person video series for a live audience. Of course there's great entertainment value but more importantly,  you'll get to see not only how these effects play for an audience of non-magicians but also get to watch one of magic's truly great close-up performers.

The magic of Father Cyprian is almost exclusively devoid of difficult sleights. Cyp is, above all, an inventor - a routiner - who puts together clever ideas into a finished product that can be done by almost anyone, whether he is a beginner or expert. Furthermore, the effects are aimed at pleasing lay audiences, which is to say, they are very commercial.

Please note that this is a performance-only presentation. The explanations for these effects can be found in Father Cyprian's Door to Door Card Sharp In Person video series, also available for download.

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