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Father Cyprian - The Door to Door Card Sharp In Person (Vol. 1)

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This lecture opens with Father Cyprian standing on Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland giving his introduction to the series. His basic premise is that technique should play second fiddle to the audience reaction.

Contents include:

“A Dice Opener”: This is Cyp’s favorite opener, where dice jump from hand to hand, hand to pocket, ending with a penetration and a jumbo pop-up die.

“Wild Coin”: A wild card routine with coins, where copper coins turn silver when touched with the alchemist's coin.

“Keyed-Off”: A ring and rope routine using a large key instead of the traditional ring, with a very powerful ending. Here you will appreciate the video tape medium: moves which would be very difficult to describe in print become most clear on the screen.

“Holey Coin”: Boston Box routine using the Bull’s-eye Portable Hole, featuring the surprise climax of two huge coins. This is a routine you will like.

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