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Father Cyprian - The Door to Door Card Sharp In Person (Vol. 2)

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More close-up stunners from the devious mind of the Magical Monk!

Contents include:

“Alas Poor Hofzinser”: A card problem devised by Hofzinser that also adds concepts from Alex Elmsley’s Points of Departure. Very clever card stuff, including a Paul Harris finesse.

This is followed by Cyp’s ultimate solution to the Hofzinser four ace problem where the four Aces are set aside, the spectator selects a card, and the Ace of the same suit magically changes to the selection. Cyp has respected the Hofzinser parameters, namely, that the magician does not know the suit order of the Aces before the vanish. The solution as presented here is the result of decades of research by the Magical Monk. Finally Cyp reveals his new approach to the problem and his new solution.

“Bull’s-eye”: the famous routine from the New Stars of Magic Series. There are several versions of this trick in print, but Father Cyprian's has always been widely thought of to be the best.

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