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Father Cyprian - The Door to Door Card Sharp In Person (Vol. 3)

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More close-up stunners from the devious mind of the Magical Monk!

Contents include:

“Harry The One Armed Gambler”: The magician performs a gambling routine with only one arm. This is a cheating exhibition where spectators shuffle the deck yet Harry ends up with the Royal straight flush.

“Two Time Winner”: Here we have a self-working demonstration featuring two effects routined together. Clever, without any sleights, you can devote all efforts to presentation. This uses principles devised by Ted Annemann and Gene Sinell. You will be able to perform this immediately.

“Rubber Band Magic”: Cyp gives us a real treat - a number of effects using a rubber band and a deck of cards. A joker suddenly and visually changes into a selection, a card rises out of the deck and other similar effects. In Jump Shot II, you wrap the deck two ways with a rubber band, yet instantly cut into two piles, then rip off the banded selection.

“Card Stabbing Routine”: One of the most commercial card stabbing effects you'll ever see, this one is also very easy including a good control and foolproof stab system. This can be performed anywhere and makes a great encore item.

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