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Father Cyprian - The Door to Door Card Sharp In Person (Vol. 4)


More close-up stunners from the devious mind of the Magical Monk!

Contents include:

“Holding Out”: A fake holdout demonstration where you explain the benefits of your makeshift hold out (your watch strap) while really leading your audience down the garden path.

“My Friend The Gambler”: A super Ace cutting routine using a double undercut and very little else.

“Send in the Clones”: is the first of a three-part prediction routine that can be done on its own or in conjunction with the other two. In the lectures, they are broken up for explanation purposes. The second is Red and Blue Match in this volume and the third is Very Open Prediction (found on Volume Five).

“Sponge Balls”: this is Father Cyprian’s handling for this entertaining routine which is sure fire for lay audiences. The last effect in this volume is called Rule 42.

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