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Father Cyprian - The Door to Door Card Sharp In Person (Vol. 5)

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In this volume Father Cyprian teaches you a very funny Card to Wallet routine that is easy to do. A signed selected card changes size, shape and suit in a series of funny revelations only to be found in a wallet with the back having changed completely from the original deck.

Royal Mounted Monte is a super routine based on the old theme of find the lady only with a kicker climax. This routine comes with a story line and after the explanation, Father Cyprian will teach you a move called The Pivot Move and its application in a trick called simply Flash Trick. This move is one of Karrel Fox’s favorites, especially when applied to the Six-Card Repeat which Father Cyprian shows you.

Finally in this volume, we have Father Cyprian’s solution to the Paul Curry Open Prediction problem. The Paul Curry Open Prediction problem has held the interest of a great many card men. Basically the effect is that the performer makes an open prediction ahead of time where he predicts for example that a spectator will select the Two of Clubs. A spectator is given a shuffled deck of cards and asked to deal cards face up. At any point, he is allowed to deal one card face down onto the table and then continue to deal the cards face-up, all the while looking for the open prediction, in this case, the Two of Clubs. The spectator deals through the entire deck without finding the card. The single face-down card that was laid aside by the spectator is then turned over and discovered to be the Two of Clubs, the open prediction. Father Cyprian’s solution utilizes no get ready, no secret preparation, no gimmicks, and very little in the way of sleight of hand, yet respects the Paul Curry premise and one of the best solutions ever devised to this magical classic.

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