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Ken Krenzel - Card Classics (Vol. 3)


Like the previous two volumes in this series, Gary Ouellet does a fine job of playing the part of the viewer as he, repeatedly, checks moves, finger positions and angles so that everything is made clear to the viewer. Ken Krenzel is patient and cooperative at all times, no matter how many times Gary asks him to lift fingers or turn his hand so there can be no doubt as to what is taking place. Card workers will appreciate this questioning as it helps to clarify points that might, otherwise, seem vague.

PROGRESSIVE ACES is the name of the opening routine in which the four Aces and the Joker seem to jump from pile to pile. Finally, the four Aces end up in one pile.

There is a very clear demonstration of a practical handling of the Mexican Turnover. Nicely masked and with a natural appearance. This is a move that can prove a complex one but Ken’s explanation and demonstration make it seem much easier than one would expect.

EVER SO SLOWLY is a single card, folded into quarters, that turns itself inside out. Reminiscent of Roy Walton’s Card Warp.

The ALL FAIR YOU DO AS I DO routine with two decks and no moves is a very pleasing bit of magic. Very clean and very effective. It seems impossible.

THE MECHANICAL CARD REVERSE is a handling for which Ken Krenzel has been praised frequently. This demonstration will teach you to secretly reverse a single card or half the deck. It is fully explained, along with a patter story involving detectives capturing a prisoner.

FLOATING CUT is the name of a sleight that enables you to handle the deck so that it is secretly divided into three sections and the chosen card is brought to the top, as one section floats to the top, under cover of squaring the cards.

ON THE UP AND UP refers to a rising card accomplished without gimmicks while the deck is held in one hand.

MECHANICAL POKER starts with four Aces dealt face down. Three cards are dealt on each. These are gathered, spread face up, and the Aces have vanished. They turn up in the performer’s hand. It’s a Four Ace Trick with a very interesting handling.

TO INDICATE THE FUTURE is a routine where the performer fans the deck and removes one card part way. The spectator does the same from the face-down fan. When the two cards are removed, they match (such as two Kings or two Aces). There is a clever ploy that could prove useful in other effects.

In FAN EXCHANGE, a card protrudes from a spread fan and when it’s removed, it turns out to be a different card.

Material covered: Progressive Aces, Ever So Slowly, All Fair You Do As I Do, Mechanical Reverse, Mechanical Reverse Finesses, Floating Cut, On The Up And Up, Mechanical Poker, To Indicate The Future, Fan Exchange

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