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Ken Krenzel - Impact-The Close-Up Magic of Ken Krenzel

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This video has Ken Krenzel tipping some feature items, the type of trick that, when included in a book, produces the remark “worth the price of the book”. But almost every trick on this video is worth the price of the video!

Contents include:

Condensed Aces: A four spot is magically (and visibly) split into two Aces. As an intro to a four Ace trick, there is nothing more magical.

Tunnel Vanish: Ken’s name is that most associated with tunnel effects, and here is a brand new concept in this field. It looks like an optical illusion. One card is inserted at right angles between two other cards and pushed through - but it never emerges at the other end! It looks impossible! This one is an eye-popper.

Krenzel Open Prediction: The open prediction premise has captured the attention of cardicians ever since it was introduced by Paul Curry many years ago. One prediction card is set aside on the table by the magician. The spectator takes a deck and deals cards face up onto the table, and at any time deals one card face down. This card matches the magician’s prediction.

New Peek Control: Unless you see this performed on video, you won’t believe it. A card is peeked at and instantly is on top of the deck. This move represents some radical new thinking.

Haunted Glide: One of the gems hidden in Ken’s book, The Incredible Full Deck Levitation, was this effect where a deck cuts itself, in full view, to find the spectator’s selection. This is an “ectoplasmic experience.” Ken includes his totally improved version.

With Thanks to Ross Bertram: Coins fly from hand to hand. Inspired by Canadian sleight of hand master Ross Bertram, Ken has put together a brilliant routine that must be studied by all magicians interested in coin magic.

Incredible Full Deck Levitation: This was originally released as a dealer item, and although the concept is beautifully novel, many magicians have misunderstood the handling. The video medium will correct all of that. A deck of cards is placed on the outstretched palm, and suddenly rises a few inches above the hand. No wires of threads or special decks. Requires no special apparatus.

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