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Gary Ouellet - Close-Up Magic Workshop

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In this video lecture, Gary Ouellet provides a jam-packed session featuring exciting new moves and concepts.

Contents include:

FLASH DECK – a surprising instantaneous production of a deck of cards.

SUPER SHELLS – the famous three shell game including the side steal sequence and the pinky pinch.

THE FORCE – a new visual retention force of a card including the Ken Krenzel and Steve Spillman handlings, the multiple force and multiple control adaptations, plus a great signature transposition effect.

NEW COIN MOVES – the Gallo Slide, the Visual Slide, the Table Slide, the Ultimate French Drop, the Himber Switch, the Master Switch, plus the new Silverdust II routine.

THE THREE BALL ROUTINE – many experts consider this handling the prettiest of all existing rotuines.

THREE TRIUMPHANT CUTS – one of the easiest and prettiest ways to reveal a chosen card.

SLOPPY TRIUMPH – the easy yet so convincing way to perform a classic effect.

This is an hour of close-up trickery that should please sit-down deceivers.

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