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Michael Rubinstein - Entertaining Close-Up Magic


In this video, you’ll get to see Michael Rubinstein’s complete close-up act in which not only coins but cards, business cards and rubber bands are employed.

Here’s what you’ll you see…and learn:

Crazy Coins Across is the opening effect in which three half-dollars and a copper coin pass from hand to hand. One of the half dollars actually vanishes and makes a slow appearance from the mouth of the performer without the performer’s hand approaching his face during the course of the routine. This is quite a startling effect.

Next, a large rubber band is opening knotted in its center, resulting in a Figure 8. Taking a pair of scissors, one of the loops is actually cut. A similar large band is given to a spectator and he does the same thing with his band. Then, trimming the cut area away, the performer takes his remaining knotted loop, stretches it, and the knot dissolves. The result is a complete small rubber band which can be given to the spectator. When the spectator treats his band the same way, the knotted loop, when stretched, turns out to be a single length of elastic. However, the performer, showing his hand empty, forms it into a fist and lowers the strip of elastic, pokes it with his finger and, eventually, it becomes a complete rubber band and is given to the spectator.

Next, Case Solved is a clever coin and card effect. A coin with sticker attached is signed by the spectator. The coin is placed on the table. A deck of cards is removed from its case and one chosen. The card is replaced and the cards shuffled. The performer then takes the coin and it vanishes completely. With empty hands, the performer spreads the face-down cards, picks up a bunch and turns them face up. However, the chosen card is not among them. This is repeated several times. The idea, according to the performer, is that the marked coin will be found next to the chosen card. There is no success until only one face-down card remains. It is turned over but it turns out to be the wrong card. Shaking the card case, something is heard inside. The top is opened and out falls the marked coin and the chosen card. Very effective, clever and clean handling make this a pleasure to watch.

The Case of the Stolen Jewels is a card trick in which two detectives (two black Jacks) finally capture a criminal (a selected card) after the spectators are certain the card was in front of them a moment ago.

A Business Card Prediction is Michael Rubinstein’s method of using his business card in a routine that includes magical printing and a marked coin. The excellent methods employed throughout are explained with care and thoroughness, typical of all the Rubinstein teaching.

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