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Flip - On Stage (Vol. 1)


In this video presentation by the very popular Dutch performer and lecturer, the viewer will learn a great deal about the value of visual magic and participation by studying this talented performer at work.

The video opens with Flip displaying a large silk square. It’s twisted, rope fashion, and a knot tied in its center. With two members of the audience assisting on stage, each is given an end to hold. The knot is in between them. They slowly pull the ends of the silk and the knot actually dissolves. But, even more magical, they each discover that they are holding a separate square of silk. Now the ends of the silks are tied in a firm knot. With the silks stretched tightly between the performer’s hands, one helper makes a karate chop at the knot and the silks separate and the knot dissolves. This is repeated with the second assistant and the same result is accomplished by merely blowing on the knot.

Following is a very entertaining routine based on the old stunt of tying a knot without releasing the ends, followed by the popular version with the sucker you-to-as-I-do presentation. However, Flip has introduced a number of variants and entertaining aspects. You can learn a great deal about presentation by watching the handling and timing of this familiar bit of magic.

You may already know and perform a dozen methods of handling sponge balls bit you will still find Flip’s routine amusing and entertaining as he works with two children of kindergarten age. This is a delightful romp of magical fun that possesses a “Sesame Street” quality. The children respond in a natural manner and Flip joins in the game. Audiences will also find this fun-fest an enjoyable experience. The routine makes use of simple but cleverly designed moves, steals, loads and concealments.

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