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Flip - On Stage (Vol. 2)

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This video is another delightful session with Flip and his magic. Here he demonstrates and explains more of his clever, original magic using billiard balls, thimbles and a Ping Pong paper mystery.

Using a silk and a colored plastic card, Flip first produces a large white spot on the all-colored card. It vanishes and reappears. The spot is visibly removed and becomes a solid ball. When tossed in the air, the ball at once becomes a plastic card with a large white spot. What follows is real magic! White balls seem to pop up everywhere in an endless procession. They change color, vanish and reappear. Suddenly, a plastic cup appears at Flip’s fingertips which is then tossed into the air. Then a white ball is revealed and vanished, only to reappear within the cup.

Next up is a puzzling routine with a glass and an egg – but not the usual glass and egg trick! The glass vanishes beneath a handkerchief…it penetrates, it reappears. Sheer magic at his fingertips. The detailed explanations are as entertaining as they are explicit. Flip has the ability to make learning a pleasure. His logic and philosophy of magic make everything so understandable. You will learn that even sound plays a great part in Flip’s magic as he illustrates it with the continuous noisy production of solid balls as they hit each other during rapid spherical surprises.

Flip is the sort of magician who can marry strange objects with such surprising results. You will believe this when you see how a salt shaker leads into a truly magical routine with thimbles. No matter what your present ideas and routines are with fingertip protectors, you will be fascinated by his handling and surprise effects and the simplicity with which it is all accomplished.

The concluding routine has all the color, magic and pantomime of earlier Flip foolery. It starts with a square of white paper on which there are four black circle outlines. The paper is folded so the four circles can be torn out. The sheet with four circular colored windows is folded and secured with ribbon. Now the white circles are rolled into tiny balls and blown to nothingness. At this point, two flat oriental paper fans are shown. They are used to catch the vanished white circles – one on each side of both fans. What follows is a sort of ping pong with the circles vanishing and reappearing in quite an entertaining fashion. Eventually, the fans are back to their original one-color condition. The circles have gone and when the ribbon is removed from the folded four-window square, the paper is fully restored. It’s delightfully different and, as with everything that preceded it, explained in great detail designed to make it easy for you, the viewer, to understand.

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