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Michael Ammar & Gary Ouellet - International Magic Session


Featuring both Michael Ammar and Gary Ouellet, this video is pure dynamite!

Michael will teach you what has to be the most deceptive close-up illusion ever, his Visible Expansion of Texture. Three coins visibly penetrate a handkerchief one at a time. This is one of the feature routines that helped Michael win first prize at the 1982 FISM in Switzerland. The coins literally appear to melt right through the material.

Gary Ouellet teaches you his handling of a Triumph-type effect. You’ll also learn a startling full-deck vanish. Suffice it to say that this material is terrific!

Finally, Michael returns to teach you how to tear a two dollar bill into two ones and then change them back to a two once again.

If you're a close-up worker, you'll learn a great deal from this dynamic pairing of two of magic's best!

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