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Paul Diamond Vol. 07 - Close-Up #2

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Paul offers a further array of good, practical close-up magic that registers well with any audience and does not require a great amount of skill.

The opening novelty is with a dollar bill wrapped around a deck of cards, with about an inch-and-a-half of the cards showing. Attention is called to the bottom card and the spectator is asked to remember it. The cards are pushed to the other end of the bill and the card changes. Yet, when the spectator tries it, the card remains the same. Simple and amusing.

Next, Paul introduces a set of E.S.P. cards and has the spectator signify what the shapes represent. Then repeated questions are asked and the continuous asking promotes laughs, as you will see. It ends with the performer having the spectator sit on a free selection and this is followed by a comedy routine that involves special glasses and many gags. Eventually, the performer names the E.S.P. symbol on which the person is sitting. A comedy routine but still a baffler. The audience will enjoy it.

Super Coin On is a very clean presentation wherein a silk handkerchief is tied around the performer's hand. A Chinese coin is pushed into the fist of the tied hand and a moment later, when the handkerchief is untied, the coin is found threaded on the center. Here is a simple, easy-to-do bit of magic that can be done anywhere.

Sam Schwartz's Bottled is a good pocket trick. A few pennies are placed in the hand and one in the pocket. The pocketed coin returns to the hand. This is repeated several items. It finally turns up inside a tiny bottle. The Bent Penny is a quickie. An English Penny is examined. The coin is tossed into the young lady's hand and she is asked to squeeze it tightly. When she opens her hand, the coin is bent in half.

The video concludes with a demonstration of Dice Stacking. This is the best explanation I have seen. Paul says you will learn this effective magical dice stacking in no time.

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