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Paul Diamond Vol. 08 - A Magician's "Best Friend" #1

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Opening with a series of rope effects that blend nicely and include a Cut and Restored routine, the Professor's Nightmare and concludes with the Idiot Rope Trick, Paul demonstrates how entertaining and truly magical this triple arrangement can be. A number of subtleties are introduced and his lead-in to the Nightmare routine is excellent. The rope is openly looped so there are three equal parts. These are cut and the result should be three equal pieces but one is long, one is of a medium length and the third is the tiny piece of rope. The combination is a natural lead-in to the customary stretching. This finally becomes one piece and it is coiled and bundled and handed to the spectator, so both ends of the rope are seen. A moment later, the performer's hands are empty and the spectator is holding nothing but a tiny piece of rope. A happy blending of effects that makes good magic and entertainment.

A length of rope is hypnotized until it remains rigid, then limp, then rigid, then . . . it is tossed to the audience for examination. This will puzzle many, including several magicians.

Vanishing Cane to Message Silk enables Paul to add more to your knowledge of canes and silks. He also provides a lot of information on making your own message silks. In fact, he stresses using these and giving them away to the birthday child. He has many suggestions regarding the sort of material from which to make these, not necessarily silk. This is a good lesson in preparing your own material in an inexpensive manner, whether for home, stage or trade shows.

Double Impact is the clever jumbo card effect marketed by Dick Jarrow and Bud Dietrich some years ago. Two different cards are shown and to one a small (Playtime) card, that matches it, is clipped. The cards are turned face down and when the small card is shown, it is attached to the other card and it matches this different card. I can assure you it is much simpler than my complicated description. You probably already know the effect but what is interesting is Paul's suggestions on how this can be used to advantage at birthday parties and trade shows.

Ring Three Times and They're Off is the title of a rope and rings routine using a cord and decorative tiles with circular openings. While the cord is threaded and hung around the spectator's neck, you are able to remove the tiles. At first, the audience and the spectator believe they have solved it but they are wrong. This is a nice party stunt.

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