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Paul Diamond Vol. 09 - A Magician's "Best Friend" #2

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Tricks with bills are extremely popular today. This video opens with an effect Paul has been doing for quite a long time. It is still a puzzler and not at all difficult to do. Briefly, it consists of folding a dollar bill in half and inserting another flat bill, crosswise, in the folder thus formed. You then, deliberately, pull the flat bill right through the folded one. You can repeat it and it will still puzzle them. I can recommend it as a perfect bill folder. Paul has a comedy finish you'll like, too.

The next item on the video is one of my favorites. I have seen Paul present this many times and, to me, it is a classic. A small Chianti bottle is introduced as one containing a Genie. Paul carries on a conversation with the creature and even manages to get staid ladies and staunch businessmen to say "hello" to the bottled boy. There is a lot of very good business that makes this into a miniature illusion. A handkerchief is folded and the bottle placed in the center. While the bottle listens to the commands of a young lady and lies down, it refuses the man's orders. In this isolated handkerchief area, without threads or magnets, the bottle is obedient and follows the wishes of the performer and slowly lies down and once more stands upright. It can be examined, of course. The cheap Imp Bottle has never reached such heights and Paul deserves a lot of credit for this excellent routine.

The video concludes with a lot of good information and helpful tips in using flaming canes. The right and wrong way to handle canes and the proper fluid for instant flame results, along with a discussion of threads and their use in magic. The best kinds for specific purposes. This is the sort of information that only comes from years of experience. Here is a video that is loaded with experience that can prove very helpful to all.

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