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Paul Diamond Vol. 10 - Symphonette In Silk


Very little has been available to magicians, in lecture form, on silk routines and complete presentations. It opens with the various bits of equipment displayed on the table. This is followed by a detailed description of each and how they will be used. You are then shown the various effects, one at a time, with complete instructions on preparation, loading and correct presentation. All very informative and well covered, photographically.

It starts with the production of a single handkerchief at the fingertips, after the hands have been shown empty. The silk color change, through the fist, comes next and the changed silk is pushed back into the fist, where it vanishes.

Next the Stillwell Handkerchief Ball is discussed and examples are shown - a detailed method of loading large quantities of silks in the ball and the proper handling without the use of the customary loop. A simple no hook, clip or tube type of retaining idea is shown and demonstrated for holding silks in position for instant production. The folding and pleating procedure for instantly producing 36" silks is shown along with the folding and looping of large numbers of handkerchiefs. The camera is speeded up to take care of the many minutes required for the actual preparation. Paul devotes some time discussing and showing the wrong and right way to produce a large silk without confusion and tanglement.

If you have wondered about the Fountain of Silks and were puzzled when your silks failed to open properly or all opened at once, you will certainly benefit from the excellent step by step preparation shown on this video.

The production of a hundred foot streamer of silk from a Coke can is an unbelievable effect - but you'll see it here. Paul's ingenious silk loader may be just what you have been looking for. It will require care and patience but the result is well worth the time required. The giant streamer production is effectively enhanced by proper handling in an exaggerated appearance of the silk creation.

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