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Edward Marlo - The Secret Sessions (Vol. 1)

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What if you could go back in time and have a private session with one of your magical influences? Who would it be? If you were to pose that question to card magic aficionados, one name that would undoubtedly come up over and over again is Edward Marlo. One of the most prolific and creative magicians ever, Ed Marlo put more magic into print than, perhaps, any other magician who has ever lived.

Now, you can spend some private, quality time with this giant in the world of card conjuring. For the first time, L&L Publishing is releasing over four hours of previously unreleased footage, filmed in Chicago in 1987, of Marlo demonstrating and explaining dozens of his creations. The five volumes of The Secret Sessions have been in the L&L vaults for many years and only a privileged few have ever seen these remarkable videos – until now! You’ll see Ed Marlo in an extemporaneous exhibition of many of his now-classic card sleights and routines. You’ve read the descriptions of these techniques and now you can see them in the hands of the master. And, as an added bonus, in Volume 5, you’ll watch Ed Marlo as you’ve never seen him before as he demonstrates and teaches his routines for many non-card items – classics of magic such as Matrix, the Linking Rings, a great Torn and Restored Bill, and much more.

All five volumes of The Secret Sessions have been digitally remastered and is the best copy available of this historic footage. Spend some quality time with a legend today and add Edward Marlo – The Secret Sessions to your digital library today!

Volume 1 – Card Technique 1

Various Grips|
The Bottom Deal
Second Deal (Take vs. Strike)
Second Deal (Various Methods)
The Nashville Second Deal / Ace of Spades Trick
The Punch Deal
Ten Hand Poker Deal
The Minus Bottom
The Center Deal
Bottom Deal (Inner Corner Take)
Bottom Deal (Center Take)
Bottom Deal Count
Havana Deal
One Hand Bottom Deal
Bottom Deal (Two Finger Take)
Combination Stud Deal
Combination Stud Deal 2
Four Ace Control
Remote Card Control
Remote Card Control / Stop Trick
Remote Control Off the Bottom
Card Stab / One Hand Bottom Deal
Card Control / Stab Trick

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