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Marlo's Miracle Routine - Bill Malone


Ed Marlo’s Miracle Routine is a complete card act and serves as a wonderful introduction to Marlo’s fine thinking and brilliant construction. Originally published in 1947 in Marlo in Spades, this routine is an unbelievable six-phase demonstration of card master. In fact, it was Eddie’s favorite opening trick for laymen. On this DVD, I demonstrate and teach the entire routine but purposely give a very basic presentation. This leaves it up to you to add your own style that will turn this classic into a modern masterpiece. I hope to someday see your performance of what really is—a miracle routine! — Bill Malone

Marlo’s Miracle Routine will convince any audience that there isn’t anything that you can’t do with a deck of cards – and now, through Bill Malone's expert teaching, it can be part of your repertoire.

Marlo’s Miracle Routine has always been very closely guarded by professionals who have used it to bolster their reputations as master card magicians, and for good reason. The routine consists of six marvelous phases that would all be blockbuster effects on their own. When combined via Marlo’s seamless routining, however, the result is a ten-minute card act of almost unparalleled strength. The six powerful effects that make up Marlo’s Miracle Routine are:

CARDS BY WEIGHT – A spectator cuts a packet of cards away from the deck and the performer is able to accurately determine the exact number of cards cut. This can be repeated as many times as desire.

MIRACLE LOCATION – A spectator is handed the deck to cut while the performer looks away. After the pack has been cut by the spectator several times, he looks at the top card and then buries it into the middle of the deck. Despite these unbelievably fair conditions, the performer is able to find the card.

THE PREDICTION – The performer writes a prediction before the effect even begins. The spectator is asked to call out any number between 1 and 52. After the number is called, the performer picks up the deck and, without any manipulation, counts down to the selected number. The card at that number is found to match the performer’s previously-written prediction.

A STRAIGHT FLUSH – The performer deals four hands of Poker and when the cards are turned up, the performer has a Royal Flush!

PERFECT BRIDGE HAND – Four hands of Bridge are dealt and its found that the performer has the highest Bridge hand possible – all thirteen cards of a single suit!

THE RUMMY GAME – Two hands of seven-card Rummy are dealt from a shuffled deck, yet the performer manages to, once again, have a perfect hand – seven suited cards!

If you were to watch a great magician perform this routine (like Bill Malone, for example), you’d be convinced that it would take years of arduous practice to master. The truth, however, is that you’ll be able to amaze people with this powerful card magic sequence almost immediately, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced card magician. The power of Marlo’s Miracle Routine is only matched by how easy it is to do!

When Ed Marlo was asked by either laymen or magicians to do a card trick, his Miracle Routine was almost always what he performed. In this comprehensive video, Bill Malone performs the entire six-phase routine in front of a group of amazed spectators and then meticulously teaches it in minute detail. This is your chance to learn reputation-making card magic from one of the world’s best magicians!

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