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Jim Swain's Miracle Moves - James Swain


On this video, card expert James Swain gives you personal instruction on some of card magic's most impressive, difficult and magical sleights, maneuvers, and moves.

You'll learn the following:

Swain Miracle Change

Ace Production

Pressure Fan

Hustler's Second Deal

Push-Off Second Deal

Hustler's False Shuffle

Swain False Table Cut

Thompson-Conover False Cut

Thompson-Conover Double Undercut

Swain In-The-Hands Running False Cut

Dribble Pass

Pass Palm


Riffle Force

Swain Turnover Pass

The Malone-Swain Palm/Pass

Notis Cascade

Swain One-Handed Cut

Whether you are a seasoned card magician looking to broaden your resources of moves or relatively new to card magic and looking for a resource on a great foundation of card work, you will find well-taught moves on this video which you will practice...and use!

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