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The Office Animal - Simon Lovell


On The Office Animal video, Simon Lovell is back, playing the Yuppie business executive. Amaze your co-workers, baffle the boss, impress your client - Simon shows you how to sell yourself with magic. No card tricks, just normal office items - pens, lighters, money, paper, business cards, paper clips, etc. - things you'll find anywhere.

Contents include: Blanco Business Card; Linking Paper Clips; Crossword Magic; Clip Clip; Money Clip; Clip, Note & Pencil; Bending Coin; Bending Pencil; It's Right Ear; Table Lighter; Lighter Vanish; Non-Smoker Version; Cigarette Go; With a Pen; The Gripper; Gripper Catch; Catch-Cap on Pen; Karate Catch; Magazine Test; Blank Cheque; I.O.U.; Card Flash; Office Change; Cash Out.

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