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The Party Animal - Simon Lovell

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75 minutes of fun and madness on The Party Animal video!

Be ready for the festivities ahead. Fifty-plus great stunts, tricks and gags for restaurants, kids' parties, table-hopping, at the bar or just plain clowning around. Every effect is fully explained. This will be your reference for years to come. Audience-tested effects - no finger-flicking mysteries - just pure laugh-making items you will really use.

Contents include: Burning the Paper; The Nightmare Deck; The Scooter; Airline Pilot; Happy Birthday; The Mindreading Chicken; Pricking the Garter; Coin through Postcard; Can Do; Body Through Card; Crop Circle Cigarette; Knotted; Snort; Turnover Tumbler; Teethy; Atchoo; Stringy; Bouncing Roll; Coin in Roll; Grape through the Head; Knife Swallowing; Under a Hat; The Amputation; Smash; Damaged; Torn Book; Biting the Button; The Wiggle; Crazy Tie Stunt; The Pull; Ultimate Mind Reading; Ripped Losing Your Shirt; Hair Balancing; Virgin Detector; Pull It; Reds & Blacks; Tactile Cards; Levitation; Finger Fun; De-Icer; Dippy Bird; William Tell; Hot Sex Detector; Blow Out; Salt & Pepper; Clowning Around; Intelligence Test.

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