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How to Swim with the Card Sharks Vol. 1 - Simon Lovell

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Con men, cheats, and hustlers are more common than ever. How does one survive in such a shark-infested society? By making yourself wise! Detailed on these videos is the information you need to make yourself Shark-Proof! Each scam, move, con, and bit is performed, and then carefully revealed and explained, teaching you exactly how every item is accomplished. The next time you hear “I'll betcha...” or “Five'll getcha ten” (or . . . when the Sharks say “Let us prey...”), you'll know they won't be chumming the waters with your blood! The list of the contents of these videos is like a greatest hits list of the most valuable and effective scams and cheats of all time!

Volume 1

Second Dealing — One Handed Second Deals • Trainee Second Dealing

Bottom Dealing — Dealing cards from the bottom of the pack, rather than off the top • Face up method • Stud Bottom Deal • One Handed Bottom Deal

Peeking the Bubble — The Bubble Peek (often called 'blister,' enables the performer to note the suit and value of the top card) • Pull-back Bubble Peek, enabling you to glimpse bottom card • Double Bubble enabling you to glimpse TWO bottom cards • Shuffle to enable top and bottom TWO cards to be seen

The Iron Man — The techniques used where the pre-stacking of a whole deck makes it so that the dealer can't be beaten

Controlling the Shuffle — Dealing with Overhand and Riffle Shuffles • Using the Jogged Card techniques

Cheating the Cut — The Spectator's Cut • Pass or Hop • Riffle Pass • Stroboscopic Hop • Poor Man's Hop • Multiple Table Cuts • One Handed False Cuts • Charlier One-Handed Shift • Front Cut

Using a Partner — Let It Ride • Crimp

The Brush — Methods with and without a partner

The Spread — Five out of ten – eight out of ten

Mucking — Switching and palming cards • Switching two cards for Black Jack or Pontoon

Running the Slug — Winning six out of ten hands • Cutting at the crimped card

Flopping the Deck — Devious deals which are sneakingly executed

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