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World's Greatest Self-Working Card Tricks Vols. 1 - 3

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Magic with playing cards has always held a deep fascination for performers and audiences alike, most likely due to the almost infinite variety of effects that are possible with them. Everything from sleight of hand to topological tricks are all potentially a part of the magician’s arsenal and somewhere in this broad spectrum are card effects that almost work by themselves.

While there’s really no such thing as a self-working card trick – you still need to learn the procedures and rehearse an interesting presentation – it remains that a simple trick without the use of sleight of hand can be a deadly weapon when slipped into a card magic set. These kinds of effects can add texture to a magic performance and with the tricks you’ll learn on this DVD, even if sleight-of-hand really isn’t your thing, you’ll always be ready to amaze and amuse when someone slides a deck of cards over to you and says, “Show me something…”

Volume 1 contents:

Lazy Man’s Card Trick – Harry Lorayne
Gemini Mates – Allen Ackerman
Whispering Queen – Daryl
Lucky Seven – David Regal
Overkill – Michael Ammar
Birds of a Feather – Johnny Thompson
21 Card Trick – Bill Malone
Cross Cut Force – Daryl
Simple Spelling – Eugene Burger

Volume 2 contents:

The Four Aces – Allen Ackerman
My Card Finds Your Card – Johnny Thompson
Secret Mathematician – Daryl
Interdimension – Harry Lorayne
Slop Shuffle – Michael Ammar
The Magical Threes – Allen Ackerman
Easy You Do As I Do – Johnny Thompson
8 Card Brainwave – Daryl
Impossible – Larry Jennings

Volume 3 contents:

Happy Birthday Card Trick – Daryl
The Clock Trick – Allen Ackerman
Secrets to a Royal Flush – Michael Ammar
Ten Card Poker Deal – Harry Lorayne
Perfect Stop Trick – Bill Malone
Sense of Touch – Johnny Thompson
Spectator Finds the Aces – Daryl
Voice Print – Harry Lorayne