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World's Greatest Ace Assemblies Vols. 1 - 3

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The invention of the classic trick where the four Aces are deal face down, three indifferent cards are dealt onto each, yet the Aces mysteriously gather into one of the packets, is usually attributed to the French magician Conus. However, ever since its original publication in 1853, magicians are still coming up with amazing variations of this timeless effect and enchanting audiences with them to this day.

On these videos, you’ll meet a number of world-class magicians who each have their own singular take on the Ace Assembly plot. Hugard and Braue, in their classic book,` Expert Card Technique, wrote, “Of all the tricks with playing cards, as much thought has been expended on the Four Ace trick as on any other…” and the performers – and performances – you’ll watch and learn from on these videos are ample evidence why.

Volume 1 contents:

Bluff Ace Assembly – Bill Malone
The Red-Backed Aces – Bruce Cervon
1002nd Aces – Alex Elmsley
Slomoco Aces – Dan Harlan
O’Aronson Aces – Simon Aronson
Psychic Aces – James Swain

Volume 2 contents:

Almost Like Trick Cards – Bill Malone
Bluff Aces – Steve Draun
One at a Time Aces – Trevor Lewis
Famous Aces – John Guastaferro
$10,000 Ace Assembly – Martin Nash
Unbelievable Aces – Bill Malone

Volume 3 contents:

Super Clean Ace Assembly – Bill Malone
New Hitchcock Aces – Darwin Ortiz
Petrick’s Ace Routine - Petrick
Wilson’s Aces – Paul Wilson
Logical Assembly – David Regal
Rock and Roll Aces – Harry Lorayne

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