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The Card Magic of Nick Trost


Nick Trost is well known for his simple, easy-to-do brand of card magic. He uses subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand to produce entertaining card effects.

This book contains 122 of his best tricks, plus variations of these effects by fellow magicians. Most of the tricks have been gathered from his column in The New Tops and from his manuscripts, books and marketed items. All of the material has been revised and rewritten especially for this book. There are also many new, unpublished items here that are sure to delight the card magician.

Among the tricks included are such gems as Double Pinochle with an Elevator Finish, Matched Picture Cards, Eighteen-Card Poker and Blind-Sight. All of the tricks are described with easy-to-follow instructions, accompanied by 161 clear illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt.

Here are a few of the areas covered:

•Court Cards
•The Four Aces
•Gambling Tricks
•Special Decks
•Packet Tricks
•ESP Cards
Also included is an appendix of useful sleights and subtleties.

This is Nick Trost's best and most complete book of card magic. It is hoped you will find many worthwhile effects here to add to your repertoire.




Unique Card Effects

The Observation Test
Seven Card Count
Rollins-Hamman-Longe Routine
Double Pinochle with an Elevator Finish
The Five-Ace Poker Hand
Generic Deck Version
Red or Blackwhich?
The Ultimate Version
Weight Guess
Mike Rogers' Version
Tom Hubbard's Version


Double-Turnover Coincidence
Reversed Coincidence with One Deck
Do As I Do with Two Cards
Card in Pocket Coincidence
Ten-in-a-Row Double Coincidence
Swindle Suits

Court Cards

Matched Picture Cards
A1 Smith's Version
Norman Houghton's First Version
Norman Houghton's Second Version
Tom Hubbard's Version
Paul Swinford's Routine
The Gathering of the Court Cards
Like with Like Version
J-Q-K Climax Version
Charles Hudson's Version
Royal Rendezvous
A Cardman's Puzzle

The Four Aces

Four-Ace Vanish and Recovery
Spectator Finds the Aces
Aces from Nowhere
Second Version
Triumph Ace Opener
Second Method
Four-Ace Disclosure
Ace Stop
Double Discovery
Peek-A-Boo Aces
Flapjack Aces
Topsy-Turvy Aces
Observation Test with Aces

Gambling Tricks

False Deal Deluxe
Bottoms. Seconds and Centers Demonstration
The Penney Paradox
Handsome Bridge Hand
Odd Man Wins!
The Omega Bet-Updated
Horse Race
Second Method

Poker Deals

Automatic Poker-A Different Handling
Tenkai Poker Deal
Ten-Card Poker Deal-Trost Routine
Eighteen-Card Poker
High-Card Poker Deal
Calling the Hands
Psychic Poker


Spectator's Card Trick
Kissed and Divined (Improved)
A PremonitionPredicting One of Six Cards
Seven Card Draw Prediction
Double Poker Hand Prediction
Cards and Dice Prediction


Time Will Tell
M-U-M Miracle
Significator Five-Spot
X Marks the Spot
Lost and Found
Subtle Location with the Gilbreath Principle
The Lone Stranger
Double Revelation with Cards and Dice
Double Shock!
The Eliminator

Reversed Card Effects

Nick's Push-Thru
Thompson-Judah Version
Believe It or Not!

Spelling Tricks
What's in a Name?
This Is Your Card-With a Punch
Automatic Lie Speller

Tricks with Two Decks

Kings Royale


Ambitious Ace. Deuce. Trey
Elevator Cards-Trost Version
The Olram Elevator
Trost on Reset

Special Decks

Three Chances in 26
Miracle Match-Up
Second Method
Duo Brainwave
Dingle's "Royal Triumph"-Trost Version
Trost on "Matching the Cards"
The Tic-Tac-Toe Divination
Technicolor Change
Nick's Stranger in Paradise
Mini Match

Double-Backed Cards
A Clean-cut Coincidence
Second Version

Packet Tricks

Eight-Card Brainwave
Kopy Kat
Klip Joint
Jumbo Two-way Split
Half and Half
Nick's Expanding Cards

Special-Deck Gambling Effects

Gilbreath Aces
Crooked Dealing
Zens-Gilbreath Poker Deal
The Perfecto Bridge Deal
Straight Poker Deal
Pinochle Deal
Pitch Deal
Twenty-Deck Poker Deal
Seven-Spades Bridge Deal
Seven-No-Trump Bridge Deal
In-Between Deal
Gin Rummy Deal
Coon Can Deal
Special-Deck Blackjack-Poker Deal
Canasta Deal
Uruguay Canasta Deal
International Canasta Deal

ESP Cards

The Odd Set
The Third Dimension
Million to One ESP
Symbol Discernment
ESP Sixth-Thot
ESP Janus
Dream of the Hermit

Appendix: Sleights and Subtleties

Biddle Move
Braue Addition
Braue Reversal
Breather Crimp
Charlier Shuffle
Criss-Cross Force
Cut-Deeper Force
Double Undercut 313
Elmsley Count
Flushtration Count
Gilbreath Principle
Marnase False Cut 317
Olram Subtlety
Reverse Double Undercut
Riffle Force
Si Stebbins Setup
Simon Prophecy Force
Svengali Shuffle
Swing Cut
Tenkai Move