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The Jon Tremaine Close-Up Mental Act


You are there. A private party, a lay audience, and a mind reader!

Get ready to learn the secrets and subtleties of modern, sophisticated MENTAL MAGIC!

Jon Tremaine's World Class Mental Act has taken him many times around the world with nothing more than a few pencils, some paper and a deck of cards. It's all in the presentation!

14 astounding mental effects, including:

The Age of Woman

The Invisible Book

Round the Clock

Where in the World...?

Extra-Sensory Perception

Questions and Answers

The Invisible Pack and Pen

The 'Impossible' Card Routine

Too Hot to Handle

Time Travel

The Mind Boggler

Out of This World: Tremaine-Style

The Key

The Crystal Ball

Additional Sections: The Do's and Don't's of Mental Magic (Mentalist vs. Magician), The Tremaine Prop Box for Mentalists

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