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Bobby Bernard Vol. 2 - Close-Up (Part 1)

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The material shown on this volume (and also on Bobby Bernard, Volume 3) is so fantastic that the camera man actually stopped the camera several times, thinking that his eyes had betrayed him (pretty hard to do considering the camera man was also a magician!)

The material presented here is the perfect video for those who haven’t spent too much time with sleight of hand because everything is easy to follow and not too difficult to learn. The end result will be a nice series of good magical effects that you can present almost anywhere.

In this volume, Bobby runs through a large number of beautiful coin moves including Back Palming, two methods of doing the Coin Star, Spellbound, Sleeving, etc. Also on this volume is Bobby’s charming Color-Changing Knife routine.

The viewer will find a lot of excellent close-up material here for those willing to put in a little time and become quite proficient with a minimum of trying to master difficult moves.

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