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William Zavis Volume 1 - Video Magic Lecture (Part 1)

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William Zavis is known among magicians for his wonderful book Divers Deceits and for his numerous contributions to various magic periodicals.

On this first volume of his amazing magic lecture, you’ll find a variety of hard-hitting, commercial effects. X Marks the Spot is a great routine with jumbo cards, suitable for close-up or stage work. You take the spectators down the proverbial garden path and then throw them for a loop. Whenever jumbo cards are used, Mr. Zavis will show you exactly how to hold them and he has adapted several standard moves just for jumbo cards, so once you learn the basic handlings, you can apply the technique to other effects as well.

Silver and Gold is a routine that can be done with any four coins, as only four are used and it can be done standing or sitting, making it the ideal impromptu effect.

Topsy Turvey is truly a great card effect that can be done with any deck. No great amount of skill is required. This is a well thought-out routine with a good finish. Should you find yourself at a party and someone asks you to do a trick, present this effect with their deck and follow it up with Up His Sleeve (from Volume 4) and you will knock them out!

All of the effects in the Zavis series are complete routines with patter. Every detail is full explained! Nothing is left to your imagination!

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