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William Zavis Volume 4 - Video Magic Lecture (Part 4)

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William Zavis is known among magicians for his wonderful book Divers Deceits and for his numerous contributions to various magic periodicals.

The Cup and Ball is one of the best versions of this great classic. It gives the appearance to magicians of a Chop Cup routine but no Chop Cup is used! Instead, a clever principal that has unlimited potential for other effects is utilized. Here one sees the inventiveness of Mr. Zavis.

A Lesson in Subtraction is a jumbo card routine suitable for stage or close-up work and makes a suitable children’s effect with cards.

Up His Sleeve is a card routine that makes a logical use of a common sleight. The color change in this has got to be one of the best there is. DO this effect with their deck and leave them speechless!

All of the effects in the Zavis series are complete routines with patter. Every detail is full explained! Nothing is left to your imagination!

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