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Erhard Liebenow - Chips • Cards • Coins (Vol. 1)


Erhard Liebenow is one of Europe’s top close-up workers and these two volumes, as the title implies, features Liebenow’s amazing material featuring coins, then cards, then poker chips.

The first thing that strikes you as you view this video is the amazing amount of material that has been included. The second thing is the talent of this magician. His performances and explanations are flawless. Finally, he consistently fools you! This is European magic at its best and the finished product is a treat for all magic lovers.

The coin portion of the video features magic with both ungimmicked coins and gimmicked coins that you probably already own. Basically, you will learn transpositions, copper/silver routines, and Matrix-type assemblies.

The card material is fantastic. Though it should be pointed out that some of the effects use Faro Shuffles, the effects are so visual and entertaining that these videos will convince you to start practicing your “ins and outs.” Four Ace routines, card transpositions, and pretty revelations are all demonstrated with that European flair.

Finally, the poker chip section uses Liebenow’s poker chips, a set of chips that include double-facers, magnetic shims, and shells, which are available from selected magic dealers. However, all of the effects could be performed with similarly gimmicked coins.

All of the magic is strong, “miracle type” stuff.

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