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Father Cyprian - Diabolical Card Control (Vol. 2)

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Father Cyprian’s Diabolical Card Control fooled all of the top card men, including Martin Nash, when the “Magical Monk” first started showing it around. Magic legend Ross Bertram said of this control: “The most flexible tabled card control I’ve seen in years. It’s GREAT! I’m jealous!”

The Diabolical Card Control’s applications are limited only to your imagination. Father Cyprian will guide you through some of its uses and also teach you how to master this control as only video can. None of the information contained in this video has been published or released elsewhere.

The handling is very fair – a card is selected and returned to the center of the deck. The top half is very fairly replaced, the deck is squared, and the sides are riffled. The deck can be placed onto the table and squared. There are no crimps, setups or get-readys. And, not only is it easy to do but you can even use a borrowed deck.

This second volume explains the working of the control when the deck is on the table and includes an absolutely intriguing new move that, among other things, enables you to cut the deck and immediately pick up a double from the top.

Please note that you will need Father Cyprian’s Diaboical Card Control Vol. 1 to make use of the material contained on this second volume.

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