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Phil Matlin - Perfect Magic

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This video should be of interest to magicians who wish to add a few simple close-up effects to their repertoire or to those who, for the first time, have decided to plan a close-up presentation that will involve assisting spectators. There are six effects demonstrated and carefully and completely explained. All of them can be classed as simple in operation  yet only one requires actual sleight-of-hand.

Contents includes:

SOFT CENTER – a selected card is penetrated by a pencil yet the card remains unharmed.

A CHINESE PREDICTION – a book test with an unusual procedure that is sure to garner interest.

FUTURE FORETOLD – an unknown card is placed in the performer’s pocket that, eventually, duplicates the card chosen from a deck that is dealt, one card at a time, until the spectators says stop.

BEWILDERED – A large, sealed envelope acts as a tray. The performer deals the cards face down, one at a time, onto the envelope. Each, in turn, is tipped to the table, creating a pile of scattered, face-down cards. The spectator calls stop at any time and the stopped-at card is seen to match the jumbo card contained in the envelope. The tabled face-down cards are turned over to show that they are all different.

ENDLESS CHAIN – The old gambling swindle with some interesting handling variations. A simple, effective and to-the-point version of this classic.

FOUR COINS THROUGH THE TABLE – Another classic! Familiar sleights and moves are used with all important points in the handling expertly clarified.

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