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Pavel - Cabaret Ropes

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Pavel won a first prize at FISM for a rope trick which clearly establishes his credentials in this field. His rope magic is visual and, as with most of his inventions, not difficult in execution.

Contents include:

Krazy Knot – A rope is knotted around the performer’s neck. As it is tightened, it suddenly penetrates through, leaving a knot in the center of the rope. The performer then keeps tying more knots in the center of the rope until it’s all just a huge mass of knots. Finally, he ties one more knot and tightens it. The mass of knots falls free to the floor leaving the magician holding the ends of a now much shorter piece of rope.

Color Knot – Many magicians will be familiar with the color-changing rope. In Pavel’s method, he ties a knot into the center of the rope and as he pulls the rope through his fist, the rope – and the knot in the center – change color.

Fantastic Knot – The magician displays two ropes, one white and one red. A knot is tied into the center of the red rope. The two ropes are twirled together and then pulled apart where it is seen that the red knot has jumped onto the white rope. When the knot is untied, the white rope has a red middle section! This is Pavel’s original method and handling.

Terrific Knot – Similar in concept to Fantastic Knot, a knot tied into the center of a length of cord changes color twice. Then, it is seen that the colored knot is really part of the rope!

Chameleon Ropes – Pavel introduces us to a whole new prop in rope magic – a two-tone rope! Half the rope is one color (white, for example) and the other half is another (red, say). Knots tied in both halves jump around. If the red end of one rope is tied to the white end of another rope, the performer waves his hand and suddenly, both white ends are tied together.

Yellow Rope Routine – A yellow rope is inserted into a 12-inch clear plastic tube. When the rope is pulled out, five knots appear along the rope. The knots are untied and just as suddenly, jump back onto the rope.

Eternal Rope – This is Pavel’s cut and restored rope routine. What distinguishes it from 98% of every other method is the fact that once cut, the two halves are held in each hand, obviously showing two pieces. In a flash, the rope is restored.

Jet Rope – A variation on Eternal Rope, the rope is cut into two absolutely separate pieces. Each half is tied to the neck of an inflated balloon. The performer bursts the balloon and the rope is visibly restored.

Circlink – Three ropes are knotted into three separate loops. Suddenly, they turn into one large ring. Just as suddenly, they return to three separate loops. Then, for the big finish, the three ropes link.

Invisible Rope – A great gag effect that gets a natural laugh and is an applause getter. The magician shows an invisible rope which he places into a small cup. In another cup, he places a length of rope into which he has tied three knots. The magician then has the knots fly from one rope to the other. The invisible rope is shown – still invisible! – with three knots swinging visibly in midair while the visible rope now has three invisible sections!

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