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The David Carre Card Collection of Advanced Card Magic (Vol. 2)


Roger Crosthwaite is your host and guide as you enter expert card magician David Carre's world of truly advanced magic, sleights and gambling techniques that you will aspire to learn and perform.

On this second volume, you'll find nineteen fabulous routines and dozens of sleights all fully demonstrated and explained.

Contents include:

Visual Transposition

Cavorting Deck

Kings to Aces

Open Fingered Transformation

Card Sharp Deals the Aces

The Bottom Deal

The Stud Bottom

The Stud Middle

The Middle Deal

The Second Deal

As A Magical Effect

The Backward Deals

A Selection of Bottoms, Middles and Seconds

The Magic Jokers

The Amazing King and Ace Revelation

Four of a Kind

Cardo and Harry

90 minutes of card magic excellence!

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