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Mark Sicher's Zany Magic

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Native New Yorker Mark Sicher was a student of Slydini and this video features close-up magic at its best! You'll see Mark's full award-winning Dental Act with his Bottle Production. It's zany and different - and the magic is top-class stuff!

Mark not only reveals the working details behind his Bottle Production straight out of his dental act but also shows you how you can produce decks of cards as well. The Tie Gag draws roars of laughter and is a really funny item. The Perfect Match Trick was created to fool Slydini.

You'll also enjoy Krazy Kleenex (he does a hilarious send-up of himself), Keep the Coin on the Eye, The Great Popcorn Trick The Coin Under the Watch and lots of bits of business.

This is a video full of close-up magic that you will want to do!

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