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Topper Martyn's Easy Juggling for Magicians

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Time-tested, easy-to-master juggling tricks & stunts you will use! Perfect for magicians, comperes, clowns, children's entertainers, street workers, etc.

See Topper in action! Use any effect alone or use to add spice to your act.

Contents include:

Topper's 'Tantrums' Opener

One-Minute 3-Ball Juggling Course

One-Minute 3-Club Juggling Course

Cigar Box Juggling with Stunts

Stunts and Tricks with Hats

Hat Spinning and Balancing

Juggling with Playing Cards and Coins

Cutting a Card in Mid-Air

One-Minute Nose Balancing Course

The Bouncing Handkerchief

Cannon or Bowling Ball Gag

Plate Spinning and Balancing

Egg and Plate Trick

Newspaper Balancing

The Volcano Cone

Balloon & Hat

Rings and Hoop Juggling

Kids' Magic

The Magnetic Hanky

Color-Changing Rings

Note on Nose

Cigar, Bottle & Stick

Japanese Ribbon Twirling

Eating the Bun

Boomerang Hats

Parasol and Ball Running Gag

Several Trick Cigar Box Stunts

One-Minute Plate Juggling Course

Hat Production

Hat, Gloves & Cane

...and much more!

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